Longshore workers experience extreme job conditions. The high pressure atmosphere combined with dangerous conditions can make it an incredibly hazardous job. Many workers experience physical exhaustion and injury as well as burnout and even post-traumatic stress disorder. Some of the other hazards longshore workers experience include slips, falls, lifting heavy objects, back injuries, amputations, burns, chemical exposure, machinery mishaps including forklifts and cranes, hearing loss, traumatic brain injuries, as well as death by being crushed or drowned. Because of these extreme hazards, you want to make sure you and your workers are covered with the right insurance. And that you have the right worker’s comp in place.

If you are a company that works primarily on navigable waters in the United States, you must, by law, have Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation.

This includes work on:

  • Harbors: a place that provides shelter and protection for vessels
  • Wharfs: area where ships dock to be loaded or unloaded
  • Piers: platform leading out from the shore for vessels to land
  • Docks: structure that extends from the shore for mooring boats
  • Marine railways: tracks that extend into the water and are used for loading ships
  • And any of the buildings that are near these areas


More generally, anyone who works on or near rivers, lakes, oceans, and other waterways as well as those who load, unload, build, repair, or break maritime vessels are eligible for Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation. By law, the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act requires companies of longshore employees to have this kind of coverage.

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