Liability Insurance

Liability Insurance

Every business needs to protect themselves from accidents or injuries that may occur on their business grounds. General Liability insurance coverage can protect your business from these unexpected expenses.

There are many different plans and options when choosing a general liability plan, and our experienced agents can assist you in finding the right plan at the right budget. If you have the right liability insurance plan in place, you can be protected if you face a lawsuit.

Certain businesses face more risk of accidents or injuries, so doing an analysis of your business can help in finding the best general liability plan that fits your needs.

General Liability insurance, along with your property and work comp policies, protects your business if you’re sued for personal injury or property damage. A typical policy will cover those accidents or damages that occur on-site or as a result of using goods or services sold by the company. In addition, coverage’s can be designed to cover additional costs like attorney fees or court costs.

Our agents can assist you in considering all aspects of your general liability insurance package to give you the most appropriate policy available. We will help you customize a California specific plan that works for you.

So contact Number1 Insurance today to speak with one of our trusted agents about your California general liability insurance & answer any questions you may have and provide you with a general liability quote.

Business Insurance

Just like a homeowner needs homeowner’s insurance and a driver needs auto insurance, businesses need to protect themselves with the right kind of coverage. Number 1 Insurance can help you determine the best plan for your small business.

There are a lot of reasons why business owners want to have the right kind of insurance policy. If your property is damaged or loses too much income, insurance will help pay. Or perhaps you are undergoing a lawsuit—your business is being sued. Business insurance can help offset the costs.

Owning a small business means you experience unique risks. A landscaping company needs to make sure their workers are protected. A digital agency needs to know what to do in the case of a data breach. Restaurants are a risky venture—owners still need money even when business is slow. Each industry has different needs. Business insurance protects you, your business, and your workers in all kinds of situations.

Interested in learning more? Number 1 Insurance is a premier insurance company in the Huntington Beach area. We will work with you to determine the best kind of coverage for your small business. Give us a call today to get started!

Liability Insurance

Regina Mohr owns a home-based company that specializes in meeting and event planning. She works from home. She doesn’t have employees. She doesn’t meet with clients in her home—and besides, she has great rapport with them. She also works in an industry that doesn’t traditionally experience a lot of risk. Yet she knew she needed good liability coverage for her business.

You might be wondering why—what could she possibly need protection from?

Now more than ever, small businesses need good general liability coverage to protect themselves in the case of workplace injuries and accidents. Even people who run their business from their homes! In Regina Mohr’s case, if something were to happen—say, she made a professional mistake that resulted in litigation—she needs to be able to separate her home from her business. Otherwise, without liability insurance, people can come after your home and personal assets.

But this doesn’t just apply to people who operate their small businesses from their homes. This applies to all small businesses—landscaping, home cleaning, food services, personal training, web design, auto repair, pet sitting, and more. Say you own a home cleaning service and one of your workers breaks an expensive piece of furniture. Or you work with food services and one of your ovens catches fire. Maybe you are a personal trainer and during one of the workouts, your client pulls a muscle in their back. In all of these cases, you want to make sure you, your business, and employees are protected with the right insurance.

There are so many small businesses out there each with unique needs. A landscaping company needs different protection compared to a pet sitter. You want to work with an insurance provider that can take your business’s needs into account and provide you with the best possible insurance for a fair price.

That’s where Number 1 Insurance can help. We work with a wide variety of small businesses to provide liability insurance, so you are covered in the event of bodily injury, property damage, and libel or slander.


We work closely with you and communicate early and often so we understand exactly what kind of protection your company requires. We ask questions like:

  • Do you have employees and how many?
  • Where does your business primarily operate?
  • Do you work from home? Do you meet employees in your home? What about customers?
  • What are the highest risks you and your employees face?
  • Do you work with directly with customers, and in what capacity?
  • And more


Own a small business? Interested in finding the right coverage for your needs? Check out our website for more information about general liability and business insurance. Or call us today so we can provide a custom quote for your business!

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